3 “Fast Fashion” Brands I Support and Why

After a couple of posts where I was quite critical of fast fashion and the impact this has on the quality of our clothes and the environment, I thought I should restore some balance and write something positive! These are 3 brands that are classed as "fast fashion" but I feel I can support, so [...]

What I’m Wearing This Spring

It's a quick one today! I wanted to share a few of my staple pieces this spring. I'm not a massive fan of spring or autumn clothing because the weather can never decide what it's doing and I feel like I have to have two outfits prepared in one, in case it gets hot or [...]

3 Things I’ve Learnt About Fashion This Year

We are now 4 months into 2019 and so far, this year has been a big learning experience for me when it comes to fashion. From learning about fast fashion and the impact this has on the environment, on its factory workers and on our wallets, to learning the process of starting your own fashion [...]