Luxury is about quality, not cost.

I am an Oxford based content creator and influencer with a passion for luxe beauty and fashion. I have started La Vie en Luxe in order to share my tips and tricks on how to curate your beauty routine and your wardrobe, and how to shop for the highest quality products and items, all on a budget.

I strongly believe that luxury is about quality rather than cost, and that we should only use the highest quality ingredients and fabrics when it comes to anything that touches our skin, whether it is skincare, makeup or clothing. I aim to help others find out how beauty and fashion can empower us to feel our very best and grow confident in the skin we’re in, while also learning how to shop smart for luxury items.

I draw most of my inspiration from classic French and Italian style, and I am a strong believer in staple pieces that can be paired with everything else in your wardrobe. I would describe my style as classic, elegant and feminine, with a modern twist – my style muses are Amal Clooney, Audrey Hepburn and Olivia Palermo.

I only give honest reviews of products and brands I genuinely love, and if I ever work with a brand I make sure these are brands I can support fully. I will not recommend a product or brand if I do not agree with their standards, methods or ingredients. All my opinions are genuine.

I hope you join me on my beauty and fashion journey!