Luxury is about quality, not cost.

I am a UK based content creator and blogger with a passion for luxury beauty and fashion. I believe luxury to be about the quality and the experience rather than the cost, which is what I aim to highlight through my photography. Despite starting only less than a year ago, I have already had the privilege to work with very reputable brands such as Dior Beauty and Alpha H Skincare.

I draw most of my inspiration from classic Italian and French style, and I am a strong believer in timeless, elegant staple pieces. My style muses include Olivia Palermo, Audrey Hepburn and Amal Clooney.

I only give honest reviews of products and brands I genuinely love, and if I ever work with a brand I make sure these are brands I can support fully. I will not recommend a product or brand if I do not agree with their standards, methods or ingredients. All my opinions are genuine.

I hope you join me on my beauty and fashion journey!