What I’m Wearing This Spring

It’s a quick one today! I wanted to share a few of my staple pieces this spring. I’m not a massive fan of spring or autumn clothing because the weather can never decide what it’s doing and I feel like I have to have two outfits prepared in one, in case it gets hot or cold.

Having said that, I found a great coat style for exactly this sort of problem – not too thick or too thin, perfect for the indecisive weather! I am currently wearing one in camel and one in coral, depending on my outfit and where I’m going:


Another piece that has quickly become a huge favourite is a vintage Yves Saint Laurent skirt I found on Vinted. It is made from wool so quite thick and warm, meaning it works quite well in this weather even on colder days. I usually pair it with a black top, or a white blouse:


I also had to include my absolute favourite cardigan from Max Mara. I like to wear this with an all black outfit especially, so it really stands out. Again, I’m really falling for the camel tones this spring! If I’m not wearing this, I’m wearing a grey blazer especially when I need a smarter outfit:


In terms of shoes, I’ve been loving leopard print for many years but I recently found a pair with a gold bar across the front that I’m absolutely obsessed with. Also brogues, a pair of black ankle boots with a gold zip detail and a pair of orange heels I’ve owned for some years now but still love:


Lastly, accessories! I’ve recently become an ambassador for Capitola Watches and so I got myself this gorgeous gold watch which I haven’t stopped wearing since. Luxe, for an affordable price, with profits going to good causes such as cancer research – what’s not to love! And you can use my code LUXE15 to get 15% off, so go on… treat yourself!

Let me know what you think! What are you staple pieces this spring time?

Until next time xo

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