Luxe Homeware on a Budget

Hi guys!

Today, after numerous requests by people that have seen my home, I’ve decided to write about where I buy my homeware. More specifically, where I’ve bought my homeware recently and why, because it may surprise you.

Since moving into my own flat and having nobody else’s stuff but my own to worry about, I’ve spent quite a lot of time decorating my home. I really love a bright, luxe look for interiors so anything I buy has to fit in with my mostly white colour scheme. And since I live on my own in one of the most expensive parts of the UK (as voted several years in a row) anything I buy for my home is on a tight budget.


I already owned most of my furniture and basic cookware when I moved into my new flat so I haven’t had to make any new purchases in that area. But what I have bought recently has been some new furnishings, mugs, bowls, and plants. For the purpose of this post I’ll be focusing mostly on those, partly because I can’t condense all my flat’s contents into one post and partly because a lot of what I’ve bought recently is now on sale so I thought you’d want to know about it!


So to begin, I have recently discovered and become obsessed with Fox&Ivy Homeware. If you haven’t heard of it, look at the pictures before you judge me because you probably will judge me – this is Tesco’s “deluxe homeware” brand. And you know what? It bloody well deserves that title! It is incredibly reasonably priced but everything I’ve bought or seen in stores has been of very good quality and looks amazing.


I’m especially enamoured with this edition of cups/mugs that remind me of the Great Gatsby era and feels like very solid, good quality products. My home is mostly white and gold so when I came across these I just knew they were the ones. This collection also had black and gold equivalents of these and they are also stunning but I had to show some self-restraint and only buy the ones that would match my kitchen.


Had I needed some cutlery, I would definitely also have bought their cutlery set – they were gorgeous, golden and heavy, just how I like them! But I had no need for cutlery so instead I settled for a fruit bowl. Who knew I could ever love a bowl so much?? It’s a metal bowl that feels very lightweight but durable, and it comes in a dark grey exterior and gold interior.


Lastly, I got one of their home fragrance diffusers – I’ve tried their scented candles before and I knew they smelt good so I was excited to try this out. I opted for a small one because I wasn’t sure if I’ll like it and I will definitely be going back for more. They have a few different scents available and I opted for Silver and Coconut. It has quite a masculine scent to it I feel but I find it quite suited to the winter weather, and I like that it’s not completely overpowering but strong enough to fill my whole flat with the smell. I also like the packaging, as some reed diffusers can look pretty dire.


So there you have it – I’m in love with Tesco’s homeware. The fruit bowl was priced around Β£12 and the mugs were about Β£5, very reasonable prices like I said. And the best part is that they’re all currently on sale! They will be going very soon so if you want to get your hands on them you’ll have to be quick but trust me, you’ll love them. They really are luxe on a budget!

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