At Home Facial – Step by Step Guide

Hi guys!

For today’s post I thought I’d share the steps of a standard facial you would get at any spa, and how you can give yourself one at home. It’s definitely not quite as relaxing as having someone else do it for you but doing this weekly will work wonders for your skin.

So to begin, here are the steps of a facial treatment:

  1. Double cleanse
  2. Exfoliate
  3. Mask
  4. Hydrate
  5. Moisturise


Double Cleanse

First things first, tart off with a really good double cleanse. Use a balm or oil cleanser to remove the surface dirt and makeup, taking your time to gently rub it all over your face and neck. Follow up by rinsing, and carrying out the second cleanse. For a facial, I like to use a balm/cream/oil cleanser for this too as this second cleanse is when you carry out a massage as well, so using a cleanser that is quite slippery helps a lot.

I currently use the Emma Hardie Moringa Balm Cleanser for the first step, and the Elemis Nourishing Oil Cleanser for the second step. Whilst using this second cleanser, I use my finger knuckles to gently work in circular motions from my chin towards my ears, all along my jawline and across my forehead. This helps with the cleansing, but it’s also great for improving circulation and draining lymph fluid from the face reducing puffiness.


In this step you can either use a chemical exfoliant or a physical exfoliant such as a scrub. I personally use a gently scrub for this step once a week on Sunday, but will use a chemical exfoliant during the middle of the week. This combination helps remove the surface dead skin cells, but it also means you’re not causing too much damage to the skin by using a scrub too much – these can cause micro-tears in the skin surface causing redness and leaving the skin open to bacteria that can cause spots.


I make my own scrub by mixing some sugar with honey and a drop of olive oil. The sugar can be quite abrasive so I normally rub it between my hands for a few seconds so the granules start to melt slightly, making them smaller and less harsh on skin. The honey is a great antiseptic and the olive oil replenishes the skin so you don’t damage it’s surface mantle – over scrubbing and over cleaning your face can cause serious damage to your skin and you’ll be left with red blotches and spots.


Depending on what your skin needs, you can use whatever mask works for you and what you need at the time. As it’s currently winter for me, I use mostly hydrating masks for this step and then use a spot-targeting mask during the week. I currently use these Erno Lazslo eye masks alongside this Garnier sheet mask and sit back for 15 min while they do their job – and I sip away at a glass of wine.

Once the 15min are up I like to take a few minutes to gently massage all the excess serum into the skin, and I finish off with a jade roller. You can get these from Ebay or Amazon quite cheap, or you can splash out for more fancy ones like this one.


For the next step I use a hydrating serum and apply this all over my face, neck and under the eyes. If you have particular skin concerns that you use serums for, you can use those as well or instead of a hydrating one – it’s up to you, you know your skin’s needs best.

I currently really like this one by Caudalie. I find it very hydrating but without being sticky, as it absorbs really well into the skin. I also really like the fresh grape smell that’s quite typical of Caudalie products. They’re made with a lot of natural ingredients so they’re gentle on your skin, and in case it’s not obvious I’m a huge fan.


I also use light therapy between this stage and the moisturising stage. I use the Talika Anti-Blemish Device for a few minutes all over my face but concentrating on the areas where I get most blemishes. It uses red light and blue light which work to reduce fine lines, sebum production and bacteria.


The last step if your moisturiser – this includes eye cream and face cream. I’m currently using this eye cream from Origins. It’s supposed to reduce puffiness and dark circles, and although I don’t suffer with dark circles I do find this helps quite a bit with reducing puffiness.

My current moisturising cream is from First Aid Beauty – it’s intended for very dry skin and although I have oily skin I find this works great for me. It’s quite refreshing and absorbs well, so it doesn’t feel like it’s sitting on top of my skin all day long. It’s also a very reasonable price of £10 which proves my point I made in a previous post about moisturising creams. They are one area of skincare where high cost doesn’t mean better quality.

So there you have it – your step by step guide to a facial. Let me know what you think and what your favourite products are at the moment!

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